Ship Agency Services

Coordination of services with:
  • Boarding/Clearance with Authorities of Customs
  • Immigration
  • Port Health
  • Crew Change Co-ordination
Also provision of services are:
  • Hotel Accommodation Arrangements for Crew
  • Co-ordination of Medical Services for Crew
  • Customs Brokerage, Clearance, Transportation and Delivery of Ship Spares
  • Co-ordination & Supply of Bunkers
  • Garbage & Expired Medicin eDisposal
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Chandlery/Stores Supply
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Inland Transportation
  • Ship Sanitary Health Certificate Renewal
  • Launch Services to Ship at Anchorage
  • Hot Works Permit(Inspection and Certificate)
  • Shore Cranes(if required for heavy Ship Spares and Stores)
  • Cargo Operation
  • Cargo Pre-discharge and load meetings
  • Cargo Manifest
  • Cargo Delivery
  • Life Raft Servicing
  • Medical Locker Certification
  • Hull and Propeller Cleaning
  • Mechanical and Electrical works
  • Maritime Services

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